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Jarosław Abramow-Newerly (1933 - )
No English translations of his work appear to be available at this time.

Jerzy Afanasjew (1932-1991)
list bullet  "A Hand with Three Fingers." Trans. Jolanta Raczko. The New Polish Poetry: A Bilingual Collection. Ed. Milne Holton and Paul Vangelisti. Pittsburgh: U Pittsburgh P. 1978. 44-49.

Wojciech Albiński (1935 - )
No English translations of his work appear to be available at this time.

Ludwika Amber (1948 - )
  3 Poems. Trans. Ryszard Reisner. Modern Poetry in Translation New Series 18 (2001).

list bullet  3 Poems. Trans. Ryszard Reisner. European Voices. Modern Poetry in Translation. #18. Ed. Daniel Weissbort. London: King's College London. 2001.
list bullet  Landscapes of the Memory. Trans. Leon Komincz and Regina Bochat. Sydney: Polish Cultural Association of New South Wales. 1991.
list bullet  Our Territory. Trans. Richard Reisner. Parkville, VIC, Australia: Five Islands Press. 1997.

Lidia Amejko (1955 - )
No English translations of her work appear to be available at this time.

Irit Amiel [Irena Librowicz (1931 - )
list bullet  Dark Flashes. Trans. Marek Kazmierski. London: OFF_Press. 2013.
list bullet  Scorched: A Collection of Short Stories on Survivors. Trans. Riva Rubin. Portland, OR: Vallentine Mitchell. 2006.

Janusz Anderman (1949 - )
list bullet  The Edge of the World. Trans. Nina Taylor. Columbia, LA: Readers International. 1988.
list bullet  "Poland Still?" Trans. Nina Taylor. The Eagle and the Crow: Modern Polish Short Stories. Ed. Teresa Halikowska and George Hyde. London: Serpent's Tail. 1996. 120-127.
list bullet  Poland Under Black Light. Trans. Nina Taylor and Andrew Short. Columbia, LA: Readers International. 1988.

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