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Jan Darowski (1926-2008)
list bullet  "Key Psychology." Trans. Florian Śmieja. In: Florian Śmieja, "The Kontynenty Group of Poets," Queens Slavic Papers, vol. 1. Ed. Thomas E. Bird and others. Flushing, NY: Queens College Press, 1973. 64-65. In English and Polish.
list bullet  "Post-mortem." Trans. Adam Czerniawski. Moved by the Spirit: An Anthology of Polish Religious Poetry. Ed. Adam Czerniawski. Belfast: Lapwing. 2010. 126-127. Polish and English.

Tadeusz Dąbrowski (1979 - )
generic item icon  6 Poems. Agni Online.

generic item icon  7 Poems. Trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Lyrikline. [The following links are to pages containing the text and audio of the Polish original ;click on the appropriate link to access the English translation.]
list bullet  Black Square. Trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Brookline, MA: Zephyr Press. 2011.

Jacek Dehnel (1980 - )
list bullet  2 Poems. Trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Edinburgh Review. Special issue: "Made in Poland: New Writing from Poland." 121 (2007).

  "It's in the Details." Trans. Ola Bilińska. Biweekly.pl: Link with Culture. 21(2011). headphones iconAudio also provided.
list bullet  Saturn: Black Paintings from the Lives of the Men in the Goya Family. Trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Sawtry, UK: Dedalus Ltd. 2014.

Jan Dobraczyński (1910 - 1994)
list bullet  Before the Earth Arose . . .: Articles of Redemption and the Story of Blessed Maximilian Kolbe. Trans. Sr. Mary Leocadia. Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press. 1981.
list bullet  Hands on the Wall. Trans. Barbara Przestepska. Warsaw: Pax. 1961.
list bullet  The Letters of Nicodemus. Trans. H.C. Stevens. London: Heinemann. 1958 and Westminster, MD: Newman press. 1960. Abridged from the Polish.
list bullet  Meetings with the Madonna. Trans. Piotr Goc. Miami: American Institute of Polish Culture. 1988.
list bullet  The Sacred Sword. Trans. H.C. Stevens. London: Heinemann. 1959.
list bullet  "The Smile of Jeremiah." Trans. Jolanta Kasicka. The Modern Polish Mind. Ed. Maria Kuncewicz. Boston: Little, Brown. 1962. London: Secker & Warburg. 1962. 290-297.
list bullet  The Shadow of the Father.. Trans. Adam Jacek Morek. Savage, MN: Lighthouse Christian Publishing. 2011.
list bullet  To Drain the Sea. Trans. H.C. Stevens. London: Heinemann. 1964.

Monika Zatka Dombke (1920 - )
list bullet  "A Letter to Mother": fragment. Trans. Jarosław Brzeziński. The Auschwitz Poems. Ed. Adam A. Zych. Oświecim, Poland: Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 1999. 95.

Agnieszka Drotkiewicz (1983 - )
No English translations of her works seem to be available at this time.

Jacek Dukaj (1974 - )
list bullet  The Cathedral. Dir. Tomek Bagiński. 2003. Subtitles in English.
list bullet  "The Golden Galley." Trans. Wiesiek Powaga. The Dedalus Book of Polish Fantasy. Ed. Wiesiek Powaga. Sawtry, UK: Dedalus. 1996. 337-362.

Edward Leszek Dusza (1947 - )
list bullet  7 Poems. The Polish Review 21.1-2 (Winter-Spring 1976).

list bullet  Poets of Warsaw Aflame. London: Polish Cultural Foundation. 1977, 1978.

Marta Dzido (1981 - )
No English translations of her work seem to be available at this time.

Tadeusz Dziewanowski (1953 - )
  2 Poems. Trans. Daniel Bourne. Plume Poetry. English and Polish.

Joanna Dziwak (1986 - )
  4 Poems. Trans. Marek Kazmierski. OFF_Press. [Listed in the order in which they appear on the page]

Jakub Ekier (1961 - )
list bullet  12 Poems. Trans. Donald Pirie. Young Poets of a New Poland: An Anthology. Lincoln Centre, MA: Forest Books. 1993.

Leszek Elektorowicz (1924 - )
No English translations of his work appear to be available at this time.

Stanisław Esden-Tempski (1952- )
  The Orchid Hunter: excerpts. Trans. Urszula Tempska and Daniel Bourne. Artful Dodge. 30/31 (1996).
list bullet  2 Poems. Trans. Daniel Bourne. In Shifting Borders: East European Poetries of the Eighties. Ed. Walter Cummins. Rutherford, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson U P. 1993.

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