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Jerzy Ficowski (1924-2006)
list bullet  2 Prose Pieces. Trans. Soren Alberto Gauger and Marcin Piekoszewski. Metamorphoses: A Journal of Literary Translation 13.1 (Spring 2005).

  3 Poems. Trans. Ryszard Reisner. Ars Interpres: An International Journal of Poetry, Translation & Art 6 (Sept. 2006).
list bullet  4 Poems. Chicago Review 46.3-4 Special Issue on New Polish Writing. (Fall 2000).
  5 Poems [in the order in which they appear on the page]. Trans. Yala Korwin. The HyperTexts.
  5 Poems. Jan Rybicki's Modern Polish Poetry.
list bullet  6 Poems. Holocaust Poetry. Ed. Hilda Schiff. New York: St. Martin's Griffin. 1995.
list bullet  "Before the Dawn." Trans. Antoni Gronowicz. The Polish Review 17.2 (Spring 1972): 85.
list bullet  The Gypsies in Poland: History and Customs. Warsaw: Interpress. 1989.
list bullet  A Hand for a Rookie Clock. Trans. Frank L. Vigoda. Riverside, CA: Vigoda Press. 2011.
list bullet  I Don't Know It's Too Late I Don't Want To. Trans. Frank L. Vigoda. Riverside, CA: Vigoda Press. 2012.
list bullet  "I'll Tell You a Story." Trans. Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh. The Auschwitz Poems. Ed. Adam A. Zych. Oświecim, Poland: Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 1999. 109.
list bullet  A Reading of Ashes: Poems. Trans. Keith Bosley with Krystyna Wandycz. London: Menard Press. 1981.
list bullet  Regions of the Great Heresy: Bruno Schulz, a Biographical Portrait. Trans. Theodosia S. Robertson. New York: Norton. 2004.
list bullet  Sister of the Birds, and Other Gypsy Tales. Trans. Lucia M. Borski. Nashville, TN: Abingdon. 1976. Children's book.
headphones icon  Songs of Ashes. Trans. Keith Bosley. Chesham, UK: Classical Recording Company. 1993. Julian Dawes, composer.
list bullet  Waiting for the Dog to Sleep. Trans. Soren A. Gauger and Marcin Piekoszewski. Prague: Twisted Spoon Press. 2006.

Julia Fiedorczuk (1975 - )
  2 Poems. Trans. Elżbieta Wócik-Leese. Biweekly.pl: Link with Culture. 18(2011). headphones iconAudio also provided.

  "I Wish I Had a Master." Trans. Benjamin Paloff. Words without Borders.
   "November on the Narew." Trans. Tadeusz Pióro. Jacket 29 (Apr. 2006).

Izabela Filipiak (1961 - )
  9 Poems [listed in order in which they appear on the page]. Izabela Filipiak's website.

list bullet  Research Stories. Oakland, CA: Mills College. 2009. Thesis for M.F.A.

Kornel Filipowicz (1913-1990)
list bullet  "Silberstein Was Late." Polish Perspectives 29.3 (1986): 26-31.
list bullet  "A Speck of Dirt." Trans. Harry Stevens. The Modern Polish Mind. Ed. Maria Kuncewicz. London: Secker & Warburg. 1962. 28-36.
list bullet  "Victory." Trans. Jadwiga Zwolska. Contemporary Polish Short Stories. Ed. Andrzej Kijowski. Warsaw: Polonia Publishing. 1960. 155-167.
  "What Is in a Man?" Trans. Stephanie Kraft. Metamophoses. 10.2 (Fall 2002). [periodical iconIn the print edition: pp. 199-213]

Ida Fink (1921-2011)
  Readings of 3 stories from Traces. Jewish Stories from the Old World to the New. KCRW. Audio cassette or CD. 1998.

list bullet  6 Stories. Trans. Madeline G. Levine and Francine Prose. Contemporary Jewish Writing in Poland. Ed. Antony Polonsky and Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska. Lincoln, NE: U Nebraska P. 2001.
  "An Address." Trans. Philip Boehm. Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature.
list bullet  "In Front of the Mirror." Trans. Madeleine Levine. The Eagle and the Crow: Modern Polish Short Stories. Ed. Teresa Halikowska and George Hyde. London: Serpent's Tail. 1996. 146-149.
generic item icon    The Journey. Trans. Joanna Weschler and Francine Prose. Multiple publishers.
  "The Key Game." Trans. not identified. Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture. 4.1 (1997).
generic item icon  A Scrap of Time and Other Stories. Trans. Francine Prose and Madeline Levine. Multiple publishers.
list bullet  Traces. Trans. Philip Boehm and Francine Prose. New York: Metropolitan. 1997 and New York: Holt. 1998.

Darek Foks (1966 - )
list bullet  3 Poems. Chicago Review 46.3-4 Special Issue on New Polish Writing. (Fall 2000).

  "Farewell, Haiku." Trans. Tadeusz Pióro. Jacket 29 (Apr. 2006).
list bullet  "Why I Am not a Gravedigger." Trans. Barbara Bogoczek and Tony Howard. Edinburgh Review. Special issue: "Made in Poland: New Writing from Poland." 121 (2007): 146.

Marta Fox (1952 - )
  "All the Mornings of the World." Trans. Anna Gąsienica-Byrcyn. The Sarmatian Review 22.2 (Apr. 2002).

Anna Frajlich (1942 - )
list bullet  6 Poems. Trans. Regina Grol. Ambers Aglow: An Anthology of Contemporary Polish Women's Poetry. Ed. Regina Grol. Austin, TX: Host Publications. 1996. Polish and English.

list bullet  8 Poems. Trans. Regina Grol-Prokopczyk. The Polish Review 20.4 (Autumn 1975).
  • "Acclimitization." 95.
  • "Autumnal Lullaby." 95.
  • "A Ballad about a Duchess." 94.
  • "Before Christmas." 93.
  • "From Florence." 94-95.
  • "On the Threshold." 93.
  • "Santa Maria Ausiliatrice." 93-94.
  • "A Song."

list bullet  Between Dawn and the Wind: Selected Poems. 2nd expanded ed. Trans. Regina Grol. Austin, TX: Host Publications. 2006.
  "From Nature." Trans. Regina Grol-Prokopczyk, from Between Dawn and the Wind. Austin, TX: Host Publications. 1991. Text in English and Polish. [Select "Read an Excerpt" at the bottom of the page to access the poem.]
list bullet  Indian Summer. Albany, NY: Sigma Press. 1982.

Stanisław Franczak (1946 - )
list bullet  2 Poems. The Auschwitz Poems. Ed. Adam A. Zych. Oświecim, Poland: Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 1999.

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